Our Tree in the ScarWorld Springtime Competition

On ScarWorld SMP there was a Springtime competition where we all made builds that are inspired by spring and GoodtimeswithScar. I teamed up with Madiza and ObiWanTano for the competition and we made a beautiful tree inspired by Scar and season 9 of Hermicraft. Resource Packs: StayTrue, Vanilla Tweeks, BSL Shaders Mods: ReplayMod, Iris Shaders

Minecraft Let’s Play Survival (Modded)

I have started a new Let’s Play series which I will post episodes each week (hopefully). I started this series because I love to play Minecraft and I also like to make videos. I am still warming up to playing while recording so it is a bit rough, but I will only get better with … Read moreMinecraft Let’s Play Survival (Modded)

Arie – Character

The race Aarakocra looks like it would make an interesting character so I created the character above. In public viewing, you cannot see the character description or backstory, so I will include it below: BACKGROUND Haunted One Feature: Heart of Darkness Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and … Read moreArie – Character

Glyph Dice Adventures

I just made and released a new game called Glyph Dice Adventures. It is a multi-genre storytelling game. Players take turns rolling the dice and making up entertaining stories using the glyphs shown — the other player’s award gems based on how they liked it. May the most creative storyteller win! Where to Buy Glyph … Read moreGlyph Dice Adventures

Game of Thrones Catan With Cities and Knights

The Game of Thrones Catan is a great change from the basic Catan game. You can play it the same way as the basic game or you can add another level by playing the Brotherhood of the Watch version. I really like this new version of Catan, but we don’t play it that often, That … Read moreGame of Thrones Catan With Cities and Knights

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