November Scarworld S4 Stream Weekend!

On November 19th, I am participating the Scarworld Season 4 Stream Weekend which will feature me and several other Scarians who will be streaming over the weekend. If you don’t know what Scarworld is it is a patreon Minecraft server for GoodTimesWithScar. Below is the schedule for the event. If you haven’t watched my episodes for Scarworld season 4 then … Read moreNovember Scarworld S4 Stream Weekend!

Minecraft Let’s Play Survival (Modded)

I have started a new Let’s Play series which I will post episodes each week (hopefully). I started this series because I love to play Minecraft and I also like to make videos. I am still warming up to playing while recording so it is a bit rough, but I will only get better with … Read moreMinecraft Let’s Play Survival (Modded)

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