Glyph Dice Adventures

A storytelling dice game.

Glyph Dice Adventures is a multi-genre storytelling game. Players take turns rolling the dice and making up entertaining stories using the glyphs shown — the other players award gems based on many they think the story deserves.

The game includes 6 glyph dice, 32 gem card, and 4 chest cards. Each player starts with a chest card which is placed next to them on the table. They also get a set of Gem cards (1x 4 gem cards, 2x 3 gem cards, 3x 2 gem cards, and 2x 1 gem cards) which becomes their hand.

The game is played with 3-4 players, with the starting player being the oldest and wisest player. The starting player rolls the dice. From the dice, he/she tells a story using the dice. The other players then decide on how many gems the story deserves and secretly give the current player one of his/her gem cards. The current player places the gem cards he/she received from the other players in his/her treasure chest without looking at the cards. Then the next player to the left rolls the dice. Play continues until each player has rolled the dice twice.

All the gems in each player’s chest are totaled. The player with the most gems wins the game. Any remaining gem cards are deducted from the player’s total. If there is a tie, all tied players win.

Where to Buy

Glyph Dice Adventures is available for purchase at The Game Crafter. The Game Crafter is a print-on-demand game publishing company.

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    What is that icon supposed to be?

    The icons can be whatever you want it to be?

    Can I buy the game in stores?

    No, it is only available as a print-on-demand game at The Game Crafter.

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