Game of Thrones Catan With Cities and Knights

The Game of Thrones Catan is a great change from the basic Catan game. You can play it the same way as the basic game or you can add another level by playing the Brotherhood of the Watch version. I really like this new version of Catan, but we don’t play it that often, That is because Cities & Knight is my absolute favorite expansion for Catan. But you can’t play Cities & Knights with Game of Thrones Catan, or can you? I have come up with a way to play Cities & Knights with Game of Thrones Catan. It keeps all of the Brotherhood of the Watch rules but adds some of the cities aspects to the game. You basically replace the knights with the brotherhood. I hope you enjoy this variation of Game of Thrones Catan.

What You Need

Game of Thrones Catan

  • All pieces except Development Cards and building cost cards.
  • You will either need all your resources cards and the C&K
  • commodity cards in sleeves or you will need to use the resources cards from the base Catan game.

Cities & Knights Expansion

  • Event Die
  • Metropolis
  • Merchant
  • City Development Calendar
  • Commodity Cards
  • City Walls


To set up, start by setting up the board as per the Game of Throne Catan rules. The only changes are:

  • Do not put any Wildling tokens under your settlements and
  • cities.
  • Do not use the building cost cards and the Development Cards.
  • Setup up the commodity and progress cards from Cities &
  • Knights.
  • Give each player the walls, from Cities & Knights, that best
  • match their color. Black will have to use white walls. Note: If you want to play this a lot you may want to consider buying black wall pieces.
  • Give each player a City Development Calendar.
Game Details
NameA Game of Thrones: Catan – Brotherhood of the Watch (2017)
ComplexityMedium [2.56]
BGG Rank2221 [7.14]
Player Count3-4
Designer(s)Klaus Teuber and Benjamin Teuber
Artist(s)Volkan Baga and Jared Blando
Publisher(s)999 Games, Albi, Asmodee, Delta Vision Publishing, Devir, Fantasy Flight Games, Galakta, Giochi Uniti, HaKubia, Hobby World and KOSMOS
Mechanism(s)Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Modular Board, Network and Route Building and Trading

Changed to the Rules

The Event Die is rolled with the other dice, and the light blue die assumes the role of the red die (or you can use the red die if you prefer). When a brigand is rolled, flip over a random Wildling token and add that Wildling to the camps/trails.

Note: You may want to have it that Wildlings are not added until someone gets an additional victory point. Otherwise, the Wildlings might overrun you before you get a chance to defend the Gift.

Instead of building knights, as per the Cities & Knights rules, you build guards using the Cities & Knights cost of which is depicted on the City Development Calendars (with activation cost added).

Walls are used as normal per the Cities & Knights rules.

Use the 2 victory point side of the Longest Road card.

Some Progress cards will have different effects to fit the Game of Thrones Catan.


The original card has you displacing a knight. I recommend the following change: Take 1 wildling in the Gift and return it to the Frostfangs & take 1 resource from the hex the wildling left. Note: This is a way to add the Ranger Patrol card from the Game of Thrones Catan development cards that are not being used in the Cities & Knight expansion.


The original card has you activating your knights for free. I recommend the following change: You may build a guard without paying the building cost.


The original card has you upgrading your knights for free. I recommend the following change: You may move a guard from one section of the wall to another, following normal placement rules. Note: Move any guards up, if necessary.


The original card has you stealing a knight. I recommend the following change: Choose an opponent. He must remove 1 of his guards (his choice) from the wall. You may then place 1 of your guards on the wall. Move any guards up, if necessary.

The City Progress Calendars are used as normal, per the Cities & Knights rules. However, the Fortress is changed. I recommend changing it to: You may discard your Hero without using it and choose a different one, this can be done only at the end of your turn.

Winning Conditions

Winning conditions follow those from the Game of Thrones Catan rules, except the victory points required, are raised to 13 victory points.

Download Rules

That’s it! If you like this version of Game of Thrones Catan or if you have any issues with these rules, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Catan With Cities and Knights

  1. Hey, great post! I have a question, I only have the Brotherhood of the Watch version of CATAN. With my wife we play it mostly in its base version, but we will like to try out the Cities & Knights expansion without the Brotherhod of the Watch additions.

    Is it possible to play Cities & Knights with the base version of Catan’s Brotherhood of the Watch? Or should I better buy a base version of CATAN to play along Cities & Knights. Thanks!

    • If you play the base Catan with your version you can play Cities & Knights as intended. If you want to play Brotherhood of the Watch with Cities and Knights than my rules above will work.

      The only issue is that the base Catan game (and Cities & Knights) have a different background on the resource cards than Brotherhood of the Watch. You can use them together if you sleeve your resource cards and the commodity cards (Cities & Knights new cards). Depending on the version of Cities & Knights you might have a color difference in walls (like I did), but it still can work.

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