Cloud’s World Server

Cloud’s World is a private Minecraft server. It is an invitation-only server. If you know CloudNineMeeple you can always request to join using the contact page.

Server Info

Render Distance: 10 Chunks
Current Minecraft Version:1.19.4
Gamemode: Creative
Max Players:20



  1. Be respectful to others, don’t be a jerk. (They call it “The Golden Rule” for a reason. The other rules build off of this main rule.)
  2. No griefing. No stealing. No doing anything to someone you would not reasonably want done to yourself. Pranks that you would not be willing to clean up yourself are considered griefing.
  3. No swearing or controversial topics in the in-game chat.
  4. Don’t spam! This comes in many forms: Do not randomly post stuff just to annoy other people or to get attention. Do not repeat the same things over and over. Try to refrain from saying things using multiple messages. At any point, if someone asks you to “please stop spamming”, then you should stop.
  5. No non-consensual PvP.
  6. Be mindful of other people’s space. Communicate with those around you before you start building.
  7. Don’t criticize another person’s work unless it’s directly asked for.

These rules may be updated at any time, so make sure you check them regularly.

Game Commands

Here are some special commands you can use in-game:

  • /spawn Teleport to spawn.
  • /home Teleport to home that is set.
  • /sethome Set a home location.
  • /trigger ch_toggle Show coords above your toolbar.


Crafting Recipes

Sandstone Dyeing

Allows you to craft Sandstone with Red Dye to get Red Sandstone.

Craftable Coral Blocks

Allows you to craft Coral Blocks from their Coral Plant in a 2×2. Both Tubes and Fans may be used interchangeably.

Unpackable Ice

Allows you to break down Ice into 9 pieces. 1 Blue Ice to 9 Packed Ice to 81 Ice.

Unpackable Wool

Allows you to break down Wool into 4 String.

More Trapdoors

Creates 12 Trapdoors instead of 3.

More Stairs

Creates 8 stairs instead of 4.

Universal Dyeing

Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is (does not include Wool and Concrete).

Dropper to Dispenser

Allows you to convert a Dropper to a Dispenser using a Bow, or by using String and Sticks.

Invisible Light

Allows you to craft invisible light blocks.

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